Each year, members of the ISI Committee deliver short talks on various Immunology topics to transition year and fifth year students in the RDS, as part of the ISI’s outreach programme.

These short immunology lectures are directly relevant to the Leaving Certificate curriculum and focus on how our body seeks and destroys invaders. Topics addressed include the role and function of the immune system, bacteria, viruses and allergies.

This series of talks has been hosted by the ISI in association with the RDS since 2006. The primary aim of this programme is to inform students about the discipline of immunology. It also aims to increase the uptake of immunology, and other life science subjects, at third-level.

The ISI Schools Talks and ISI Public Lecture Award (insert internal link from ISI website) mark the ISI’s contribution to the “Annual Day of Immunology” which is hosted ion 29th April each year by the European Federation of Immunological Societies (EFIS) (insert link:


Examples of previous lectures presented by ISI Committee Members include:

“The Immune System – The Body’s Armed Forces and their Weapons.”
Dr. Derek Doherty (St. James’s Hospital, Trinity College, Dublin).

“Allergy: A Plague for our Times?”
Dr. Niall Conlon (Beaumont Hospital, Dublin).

“Is it a Bird or is it a Swine? – Influenza Explained.”
Dr. Sarah Higgins (Trinity College, Dublin).

“HIV – Why is it so dangerous?”
Dr. Mary Keogan (Beaumont Hospital, Dublin).

“Bugs or Us: Immunity and the Battle for Survival.”
Prof. Cliona O’ Farrelly (Trinity College, Dublin).

“Harnessing the Immune System – To Treat Our Pets.”
Dr. Emma O’Neill (Veterinary Medicine, University College Dublin).

“Immunology on the Brain!”
Dr. Michelle Armstrong (Trinity College, Dublin).