The ISI outreach committee is made up of postdoctoral immunologists who are dedicated to educating and entertaining the public on the subject of immunology! We are continuously trying to come up with fresh ways of communicating the idea that immunology is an exciting science to be involved with.


If you are interested in getting our help in setting up immunology workshops, or are interested in running your own workshop in schools or at home, please do not hesitate to contact us on, follow us @irishimmunology or visit where you can find details on activities we have developed.


ISI Primary Schools Workshop – 14th April 2016
as organised as part of the Trinity Access Programmes (TAP) Schools Workshop and College Awareness Week


As part of the Trinity Access Programme’s schools workshop, the ISI outreach committee welcomed two primary schools to the Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute to learn all about the concept of the immune system and to try and recruit some of our best and brightest to the cause of immunology!


First up, was a quick colorful presentation to introduce the concept of friendly and disease-causing microbes, and how our bodies can recognize, respond to and remember the microbial invaders.


St. Laurence O’Toole’s Girls National School (G.N.S.), Seville Place, Dublin 1 enjoy a crash course in immunology given by Dr Natalia Munoz-Wolf



Afterwards the children were sent to learning stations with our enthusiastic outreach members to explore immunology in more detail! The first was an introduction to hygiene and how microbes are present on our skin and all around us. The children were invited touch some glowing “germs” and compare how much was left after washing their hands in the correct way!


©Brian Cregan-5893

Dr. Melissa Conroy explains the importance of washing your hands


Next up was learning how important vaccines are in helping to teach your immune system how to respond to pathogens they have never seen before. Great fun was had finding out how vaccines can stop the spread of infection by herd immunity using our color changing game!


Is it worth the shot? Dr. Patrick Kelly explains the reason why you should get a vaccine.



Please click here for details of “Vaccine Colour-Changing Game.”


Finally, the children were shown some of the technology we use in our labs to do our research. Our resident microscopy expert Dr. Gavin McManus was on hand to show the children how cells can eat up all the dangerous bacteria, using our confocal microscope!


Dr. Gavin McManus explains how microscopes can be used to study immune cells.



The children were then tested with a quiz to prove that they were now proper immunologists. A lucky winner was then drawn from a hat and received a small prize to thank them for their participation. One quick group photo later and it was time to go. A big thanks to St Laurence O’Toole’s G.N.S. and Drimnagh Castle S.N.S. for coming, we hope we inspired some future immunologists to come back and visit!


Members of the ISI Outreach Committee say goodbye to O’Toole’s G.N.S