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Prof. Seamas Donnelly

School of Medicine, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

Prof. Donnelly’s webpage

Research Interests:Our research work epitomises Translational Medicine where original bench based observations are translated to clinical disease. In particular, we define key regulatory mechanisms which drive aberrant remodelling and repair and predispose towards chronic inflammatory diseases.

We are particularly interested in:

  • Development of novel small molecular weight anti-inflammatory therapies
  • Host environmental influences on the regulation of the inflammatory response.
  • Genetic profiling guiding disease diagnosis, prognosis and response to therapy
  • Host/Pathogen interactions which predispose towards more aggressive infection.

We utilise advanced cell and molecular biology techniques, in vitro cell and in vivo animal models to address these questions. It is our vision that our work will pave the way for specific tailored therapies which would attenuate key regulatory pathways which drive chronic inflammatory disease.