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Prof. Pierre Miossec
University of Lyon, France


Prof. Moissec’s webpage


Research Interests: Dr. Pierre Miossec is currently Professor of Clinical Immunology at the University of Lyon 1, and hea of a clinical unit at the Hospital Edouard Herriot, Lyon, France. He gained his MD in 1983 from Brest University Hospital before going on to work as a research fellow in the Department of Internal Medicine, Rheumatic Diseases Unit, University of Texas. He received his PhD in Immunology from the University of Marseille in 1987, before going on to work as an associate, and later Professor, of Clinical Immunology at the Claude Bernard University, Lyon. His main research interests include the role of cytokines and T cells in the context of arthritis. Dr. Miossec was part of the group to first to identify Interleukin 1 in the synovial fluid of patients with rheumatoid arthritis.