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Dr. Joanne Lysaght

School of Medicine, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

Dr. Lysaght’s webpage

Research Interests:

Dr. Joanne Lysaght’s research group is focused on the field of tumour immunology with a particular interest in the adaptive anti-tumour immune response. Current research is examining how T cells play a role in the progression from pre-malignant states to cancer using the model of Barrett’s Oesophagus to Oesophageal adenocarcinoma, with the aim of identifying novel immunotherapeutic targets. In addition we are investigating how obesity, and in particular visceral adipose tissue, can affect anti-tumour immunity. Dr. Lysaght was the first to immunophenotype T cells in the omentum (visceral adipose tissue) of gastrointestinal cancer patients and work is continuing with our clinical and academic colleagues to examine the role of T cells and obesity in driving hepatic inflammation, a common occurrence in obese patients. These studies are investigating both the inflammatory properties of adipose tissue T cells and their metabolic profiles.