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Dr Jim Johnston

AMGEN, Thousand Oaks, California, U.S.A

Dr. Johnston’s webpage


Research Interests: Jim Johnston is the VP of Research at A2 Biotherapeutics, which is an early-stage biotechnology discovery company located in Southern California which develops novel and more effective medicines for serious illnesses. They utilize an advanced targeting technology platform to increase the effectiveness of the body’s natural immune defences (e.g., antibodies and T-cell receptors) in an entirely animal-free manner. He was previously the Executive Director of Research at Amgen with responsibility for Inflammation and Immuno-Oncology. He made a number of key discoveries – including the identification and characterization of JAK3 and work which outlined its importance in autosomal SCID. Previously, he was awarded the Most Valuable Scientist award at the BRMP, NIH (1996), the Hajime Award at DNAX, (1999) and the Irish Society of Immunology RDS Public Lecture Award (2010). He founded and was Chief Scientist at Fusion Antibodies Ltd, a company that develops humanized monoclonal antibody therapeutics. Prof. Johnston serves as Chairman of Immunology, at the Queen’s University Belfast.