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Prof. Christoph Scheiermann

Ludwig-Maximilians Universitat University, Munich, Germany


Prof. Scheiermann’s Webpage


Research interests: Our group exists since March 2013. We are very interested in how neural inputs can regulate leukocyte trafficking. We have thus far investigated the role that sympathetic nerves play in this process.  In particular, we found that local sympathetic tone regulates leukocyte recruitment to tissues, being high at times of physical activity and low during rest. Thus, leukocyte migration underlies a circadian rhythm, an oscillation that occurs within a ~24h  cycle. We study leukocyte migration patterns using various intravital microscopy techniques in different tissues. Specifically, we aim to address which promigratory factors control these observed circadian rhythms and whether they can be altered by surgical, pharmacological or genetic interventions. he anticipated results will therefore provide new insight into our understanding of leukocyte trafficking with the potential to develop new therapies for inflammatory diseases using time-sensitive interventions