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Dr. Timothy Radstake

UMC Utrecht, The Netherlands

Dr. Radstakes’s webpage


Research Interests: To provide better and cheaper healthcare for patients with a chronic inflammatory disease a better understanding of the underlying molecular pathways driving these conditions is trivial. Despite extensive research over the past years, still approximately 90% of our drugs fail in more than 60% of the patients with chronic inflammation. Hence, there is a great unmet need to better understand these conditions and develop effective therapies – in other words – to know who to treat with what and for how long: so-called personalized medicine. We apply a Systems Medicine approach to identify those molecular pathways that cause chronic inflammatory diseases but also to be able to achieve disease interception, prediction of mode of action, prognosis and therapy response. Within the Systems Medicine approach we focus on isolated immune cell subsets to which we apply multiple OMICS layers after which computational modeling is used to integrate thes extensive data sets.  Molecular candidates arising from the Systems approach are then taken further in Proof-of-Concept and Proof-of-Mechanism studies using Ex vivo experimentation, disease in a dish models and experimental models of inflammation.